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Agreement to the terms of use

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Terms of use

Ominedo Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Company”)
discloses information on funding, etc. to medical institutions, etc. on this website in
accordance with the Company’s “Transparency guidelines for the relationship between
company activities and medical institutions, etc.”

Upon the use of this website, the following actions are prohibited. Please note that if
there are any deviations observed, the company may take actions including limiting the
provision of information.

  • 1) Changing the content of this website (including the data of this website), or printing,
    editing, externally transmitting, transferring, reprinting, copying, replicating, or
    capturing an image of the website (including the data of this website).
  • 2) Using this website for a purpose other than data browsing.
  • 3) Infringing or possibly infringing the property or credit, honor, and privacy of medical
    institutions, etc. stated in this website or that of the Company.
  • 4) Giving or threatening to give any disadvantage or loss to medical institutions, etc.
    stated in this website or to the Company.
  • 5) Committing or threatening to commit a crime or any act leading to a crime.
  • 6) Violating or threatening to violate any laws, ordinances, or regulations.
  • 7) Other acts the Company determines to be inappropriate.

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