OEM for medical medicines

Development of OTC medicines

Overall development and manufacture of Kampo products, crude medicine products, vitamins, and other OTC medicines
* Forms that can be processed: film tablets, sugar-coated tablets, wet granules, dry granules, and others.

Flow of product development

  • 1Client
    We confirm the needs for product development and summarize information on prescription design.
  • 2Prescription
    We decide the ingredients of the medicine based on the result of the meeting.
  • 3Preparation design
    We discuss on preparing the medicine containing ingredients determined above (step 2)
  • 4Manufacture of sample
    We manufacture the medicine designed above (step 3) in a lab‐scale as sample product, followed by the confirmation from client.
  • 5Application
    for approval
    and receipt of approval
    We collect data, create documents for application for obtaining approval.
  • 5Manufacturing
    We collect data and create documents for application for obtaining approval.
  • 6Delivery of the product