Ominedo’s CSR

Concept of Ominedo’s CSR

Ominedo’s CSR is based on its corporate philosophy. CSR stands for “corporate social responsibility,” and Ominedo’s CSR practices are there for all employees to be able to follow them in order to fulfill our social responsibilities. Based on our corporate philosophy, “Ominedo pursues the happiness of all its employees both physically and spiritually and contributes to the social welfare of all human beings,” we promote our own CSR practices.
In detail, we categorize our company’s CSR into society, environment, and employees, and promote it in each area.

  • CSR for society

    Companies are members of their community. Not only do their contributions include payment of taxes and employment, it is also important to support the cultivation of the community, support civic activities, and solve problems with others depending on the issues in the area. We provide support not only in Nara and Japan, but also overseas every year.

  • CSR for the environment

    As the global environment continues to become worse, the requests to and expectations of companies are increasing. Because we are a Kampo product manufacturer, we are closely connected to worldwide issues such as preserving plants used for medicines and other crude medicine resources as well as their effective use. We also deeply understand the actual state of these issues and will continue to address them by setting concrete goals.

  • CSR for employees

    The workplace is a major factor that shapes society. In addition to securing and maintaining employment, we aim to constantly improve the social nature of the workplace and enrich both the work conditions and private life of all our employees.

Examples of Ominedo’s activities