What can Ominedo do?

Ominedo has been challenging various things as an “integrated health company.”

Since our founding in 1900, Ominedo has been focused on the pharmaceutical business and has been addressing evolving needs that have changed over time.
As a “suggestion-type medical medicine manufacturing company” providing Kampo products as the base, we employ a full and consistent process from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of products, search for new potential in natural products (research and development), and provide what society needs in the form of safe and people-friendly materials (extracts) and products (Kampo products). We also continue to challenge new areas to be able to deliver health to people not only in Japan, but also to those across the world.

Extraction of natural ingredients


Extraction techniques:Hot water extraction, alcohol extraction, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
We respond to your requests utilizing our knowledge of the characteristics of natural
raw materials and our unique extraction techniques.

  • Hot water extraction
    Hot water extraction
  • alcohol extraction
    alcohol extraction
  • supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
    supercritical carbon
    dioxide extraction

Concentration and powdering of extracts

  • Concentrated extract
    Concentrated extract
  • Powdered extract
    Powdered extract

We respond to your wind-ranging needs such as the manufacturing of medicines using extracts of raw ingredients and the development of new extracts of natural materials

Manufacture of medical products (OEM)


Development of OTC medicines
Entire development and manufacture process of Kampo products, crude medicine products, vitamins, and types 2 and 3 OTC medicines
* Forms that can be processed: film tablets, sugar-coated tablets, wet granules, dry granules, etc.
OEM for medical products is also possible.

Development of new raw materials from extracts (OEM)

Development of new materials from natural products

Development of materials suitable for a developed product form
We suggest materials suitable for product forms such as beverages, food, and cosmetics using the vast information on natural materials collected during the 100 years Ominedo has been producing Kampo products as well as unique extraction techniques, and help develop new products.
Your ideas could increase business opportunities endlessly.
OEM for new raw materials from extracts is also possible

With brand new extracts, it is possible to deploy business in various areas such as beverages, health foods, and cosmetics.