“Wishing good health and happiness to all.”

We, “Ominedo,” have been holding the corporate philosophy, “Ominedo pursues the happiness of all its employees both physically and spiritually and contributes to the social welfare of all human beings,” focusing on Kampo products which have been our specialty since the founding of the company. We conduct business activities with a hope that we can help maintain or improve your health.

Currently, we are mainly manufacturing and selling ethical Kampo products and OTC medicines (OEM and PB). In addition to researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling various Kampo products, we have been dealing with home medicine since the founding of the company and are, in recent years, also actively dealing with research and joint development of new natural materials using various extraction techniques including the supercritical extraction technique.

Recently, various lifestyle-related diseases that cannot be addressed with Western medicine alone and modern diseases triggered by stress have been occurring more frequently, and it is urgent that we deal with them. In such a situation, Kampo medicine as one of the traditional medicines and natural materials such as crude medicines are considered to be able to make up for the portion that Western medicine cannot cover and have captured worldwide attention.

Our goal is to become “a comprehensive health-creation company.” That is, based on the manufacture of medical medicines, mainly Kampo products which have been our specialty since the founding of the company, we make products from natural materials. To build on this base, we conduct research for new materials, develop extraction techniques, and pursue new manufacturing techniques to create a company that can make everyone in the world smile.

Ominedo has been supported by all of its stakeholders including patients and their families, healthcare professionals, and employees since the very beginning. We deeply thank you all, and with the cooperation of the entire company, move on with responsibility and decisiveness to meet your expectations and gain your trust.

Thank you for your continued support.

President and Representative Director
Masao Tsuji

President and Representative Director Masato Tsuji