Development and production system

Introduction of main examples of quality tests

Introduction of test method 1
液体クロマトグラフィーQuantitative test (liquid chromatography)
This is a test to measure the ingredient volume of raw materials and products with a device called a liquid chromatograph to confirm whether the material and product meet specifications.
Introduction of test method 2
ガスクロマトグラフィーPesticide residue test (gas chromatography)
This test is performed on everything from crude medicine raw materials and intermediate raw materials which are bulk medicines to finished products using gas chromatography equipment.
Ominedo sets its own standards, which are stricter than the specification criteria of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, to guarantee a higher level of product quality.
Introduction of test method 3
微生物試験Microbial test
This test is performed in each process related to bulk medicines, preparation, and finished products.
We maintain the quality of our products through the management of raw materials in the manufacturing process and through strict hygiene management.
Introduction of test method 4
崩壊試験Disintegration test
This is a test conducted to confirm whether the products disintegrate within a certain period of time in a test solution under conditions set according to the product prepared.