Privacy policy

Personal information protection policies

Ominedo Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Company”) considers the handling of appropriate personal information in relation to the Company’s operations to be an important responsibility for the Company, follows regulations concerning the protection of personal information and other standards, establishes the policies as follows, and makes an effort to protect personal information.

  1. Appropriate acquisition and use of personal information
    When acquiring personal information, the Company obtains only necessary information after disclosing the purpose of its use through fair and appropriate legal means and uses the information within the necessary scope.
  2. Provision of personal data to third parties
    The Company will not provide or disclose personal data to any third party except in the case that the Company obtains consent from the person who the data pertains to in advance or the case that it is required by law. However, the Company may deposit personal data to an outsourcing third party depending on the purpose of its use. In this case, the Company concludes necessary agreements with the third party, and obligates the third party to appropriate management of the data.
  3. Safety management measures for personal data
    The Company takes appropriate safety management measures in order to maintain the accuracy of personal data and prevent illegal access from outside, leaking, manipulation, damage, and/or loss of the data. The Company also establishes in-house rules for appropriate management and make them well-known to its employees.
  4. Disclosure of retained personal data, etc.
    For personal data that the Company retains, if the person who the data pertains to requests to disclose or correct the data, or for the Company to stop using the data, the Company confirms the identity of the person in question and appropriately addresses the situation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Contact address for inquiries about the handling personal information

If you have questions about how we handle personal information, please contact us through the following.
Please note that we will not be able to take any questions if you visit the company directly.
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