Development and production system

Our commitment to producing safe and secure Kampo products

Ominedo has established a production system in accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for medicines to deliver high-quality, safe, and secure Kampo products. We have thorough management of infrastructure-related aspects (buildings and facilities) and manpower-related aspects (organization and operations) from the attainment of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. We are striving to establish, manage, and improve scientifically-validated manufacturing equipment and manufacture processes and methods to be able to produce medical medicines with the quality we reach for.

We answer our clients’ requests by taking advantage of the strength of full-scale manufacturing.
Ominedo conducts the entire process from a procurement of crude medicines to packaging on our own for strict management. In addition, we seek for not only the safety and efficacy of medicines, but also the usability such as easy to swallow and easy to use.
Using the development and technique skills gained in a long history up to now and a plenty of data for natural materials, we can respond to business requests from our clients with a wide range of response capabilities ensured by full-scale manufacturing such as medical medicine production (OEM), development of new raw materials from extracts, and creation of various custom-made products, and with the sufficient quality.

Strength of Ominedo’s full-scale manufacturing

Safe supply of high-quality medical medicines

Full-scale manufacturing means high quality
・Strict management of
・Stable supply of safe, secure,
 and high-quality Kampo products
Market development with unique extraction techniques

Ominedo’s own extraction techniques
We propose the best extraction method among hot water extraction, alcohol extraction, and supercritical Co2 extraction
We continue to research natural materials

100 years of rich experience since our founding
We flexibly address the needs of our clients by using the plethora of information and data on natural materials that we have collected and create new business for them.